Making the best of Cell Phone gps Tracker

At the moment, cell phone GPS tracker technology features in most of the cell phones which were manufactured as from the first quarter of 2005. In fact, According to the FCC regulations, it is a key requirement that any new cell phones which were produced after that date needed to have the tracker within the phone. This move was mainly spawned following the 911 attacks which prompted the start on the war on terror across the globe. Another thing which prompted its use was the needs to easily locate those in dare need of urgent help in case of emergencies such as lost individuals as well as people who may have resorted to calling law enforcement for help and are unable to provide their precise location.

It is important to note that cell phone carriers do not engage in the business of monitoring the cell phones of their subscriber leave alone the tracking. Backing this claim is the FCC guidelines which allow for tracking feature to be used in cases of emergencies. it is however very important to note that in spite of the above, there are local carriers who have contracted location based service providers and as a result collaborated with such companies providing them with data which help point GPS location.

It is also worth noting that the legality of such services usually depends largely on the stance of the local government and its regulations regarding such issues bearing in mind they touch widely on privacy amongst other things. Just so you know, cell phone customers are extremely wary of their privacy. This is clearly evident from the fact that occasionally they tend to seek out legal remedies to protect themselves from having their privacy provisions violated in any way. In fact, most people feel that the invasion of their privacy constitutes directly to infringement of their 4th amendment right in the constitution.

Another very important thing to take note of is the fact that the GPS technology which is incorporated into cell phones is by far not similar to the Units which are designed for use in vehicles for navigation. In short, the GPS tracker technology which you may be used to is completely different from the cell phone GPS tracker. In addition to the above, depending on the carrier as well as the type of phone hardware that is used, the location data may either be continuous or in some cases only available when a request for the present location is submitted. it is these issues which tend to make it a compete challenge trying to track an individual’s cells phone which you don’t have direct access to or which you have a legal interest in.

Everything taken into consideration, in spite of a of the above, going ahead to make use of cell phone gps tracker without legal backing is illegal and should not be done whatsoever the case, simply put, make sure that you closely follow the right procedures to avoid any legal tussles later on.


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